Hydraulic breakers are used with peace of mind

Hydraulic breakers are used with peace of mind

The correct operation of the breaker will help the crushing work to proceed quickly. When the operation is not proper, the force of the strike will not be fully utilized and the equipment will be seriously damaged.

So what should you pay attention to when using the breaker correctly? And listen to Xiaobian slowly...

1. Correct operation

When the operation is insufficient, the force of the strike will not be fully exerted; at the same time, the hammer strike force will be shocked to the hammer body, the guard plate and the operating arm of the engineering machine itself, resulting in damage to the above parts.



Conversely, when the degree of operation is too large, the front of the construction machine has been lifted, and the construction machinery may be tilted forward due to the broken rock. Cause the body or guard of the breaker to hit the stone

And it causes damage.

The above situation should be avoided as much as possible; due to improper earthquake return, it will be transmitted back to the construction machinery itself. Therefore, when performing the strike work, it should be confirmed that each operation is correct loading; when the breaker is not in use,More complete inspection and maintenance should be carried out



2. Breaker operation direction

When running the crushing work, please confirm that the direction of the point of the drill rod is perpendicular to the surface of the broken piece and keep it as always as possible;

If the surface of the fracture is inclined, the drill rod may slide away from the surface, in which case the drill rod will be damaged and the piston will be affected. When breaking, please select the appropriate hit point first. And confirm the brazing

After the rod is firmly stabilized, it will be hit again.


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